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CT data

On this page you can gain access to a database of CT images and projection data for the images, that can be used for making reconstruction algorithms. Data for some phantom objects and various programs for artificial phantoms and data projections are also given here.

The clinical images shown on these pages have been obtained from the Visible Human Project. They were created from scanning a human cadaver with CT and MRI scanners and then subsequently slicing the cadaver into 1 mm sections for taking photographs.

A further description of the data can be found at here and a description of the program can be found here.

You can get to the different data pages by clicking on one of the images or the text below them.

Circular phantom Shepp-Logan phantom
Circle phantom Shepp-Logan phantom
Image of head Image of torso
Image of head Image of torso
Image of thorax Assignment data
Image of thorax Data for assignments

A slide showing Housfiled units for a CT scan can be donwloaded here. The slide is taken from: E. Krestel (ed.): Imaging systems for medical diagnostics, Siemens, 1990.

A table of Mass Attenuation Coefficients and Mass Energy-Absorption Coefficients can be found at the following reference:

A radiologic image atlas can be found at:

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