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The six exercises shown below should all be carried out during the course. They are meant to be made in groups of 2 as a preparation for the two final assignments.

Exercise Date Topic Litt.
1 11. sep. Exercise 1: Ultrasound image display JAJ: ch. 2
2 18. sep. Exercise 2: Generating ultrasound images JAJ: ch. 2
3 25. sep. Exercise 3: Simulation of ultrasound signals from flowing blood JAJ: ch. 4
4 2. oct. Exercise 4: Implementation of a spectral estimation system JAJ: ch. 5+6
5 23. oct. Exercise 5: Image processing P+L: ch. 2
6 6. nov. Exercise 6: Advanced reconstruction P+L: ch. 6+9
7 27. nov. Exercise 7: MR scanning (how to download the data) LGH notes

Exercise hours:

Module E2-A, Monday kl. 14.30 - 17.00, build 341, ground floor, room 015, E-databar.

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