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Course plan for 2023

The course plan is divided into 4 topics for the 4 major areas of medical imaging. For each are given lectures, the associated reading material, exercises and demonstrations along with the teacher responsible for the activity.

Slides for the lecture will be updated during the course. The correct version will usually be put on the web right before the lecture. The plan is tentative and might change during the course.

For. Date Topic Litt. Lecturer

Ultrasound and flow imaging

1 28. aug. Introduction to medical imaging systems,
Ultrasound systems
, (2 slides/page)
JAJ: ch. 1 JAJ
2 31. aug. Ultrasound physics; propagation, attenuation, scattering etc. (2 slides/page) JAJ: ch. 2
Pages 1-24
3 4. sep. Imaging in ultrasound,
focusing and spatial impulse responses

(2 slides/page)
JAJ: ch. 2
Pages 24-36
4 7. sep. Design of ultrasound arrays for imaging
(2 slides/page)
JAJ: ch. 2
Pages 36-44
5 11. sep. Blood flow. Viscosity, Reynolds number, pulsed flow (2 slides/page) JAJ: ch. 3
Pages 45-61

Exercise 1: Ultrasound image display
6 14. sep. Interaction between blood and ultrasound. Velocity estimation with ultrasound. Spectral estimation
(2 slides/page)
JAJ: ch. 4 & 6
Pages 63-79 and 113-129
7 18. sep. Pulsed wave systems and color flow imaging
(2 slides/page)

Project assignment: Ultrasound project.
Handout and practical issues.

JAJ: ch. 6 & 7
Pages 113-148

Exercise 2: Generating ultrasound images
8 21. sep. Color flow mapping and cross correlation systems and stationary signals (2 slides/page) JAJ: ch. 7 & 8
Pages 148-188
9 25. sep. Field II simulations and non-linear imaging (2 slides/page) JAJ: ch. 2.5-6 & 4.2
Pages 27-44 and 70-75

Exercise 3: Simulation of ultrasound signals from flowing blood
28. sep. Talk on vector velocity imaging research (part one) and on advanced ultrasound imaging research (part 2) at Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging JAJ
2. oct.
Lecture on Ultrasound diagnostics

Exercise 4: Implementation of a spectral estimation system

X-ray and computer tomography (CT)

12 5. oct. Two-dimensional signal analysis (2 slides/page) P+L: 2+3 JAJ
13 9. oct. X-ray physics P+L: 4+5 CG
14 12. oct. Computed tomography systems P+L:  ch. 6

16. - 20. oct.: Autumn holiday

15 23. oct. Reconstruction. Fourier slice theorem.
Filtered back-projection
(2 slides/page)
Hints on assignment data

Hand-in of report on ultrasound project.

Project assignment: Reconstruction, practical details about data.

P+L:  ch. 6

Exercise 5: Image processing LTJ+LEH
16 26. oct. Implementation of filtered back-projection
(2 slides/page) Reconstruction Relation to other imaging methods (MRI, PET, SPECT)
(2 slides/page)
P+L: ch. 6+9 JAJ

Radio-isotopic imaging (PET, PET/CT, SPECT)

17 30. oct. Physics of PET scanning.(2 slides per page) P+L: ch. 7-9
18 2. nov. Physics of PET scanning.(2 slides per page) P+L: ch. 7-9
19 6. nov. Advanced reconstruction methods

Exercise 6: Advanced reconstruction
9. nov.
New trends in X-ray and CT scanning. Multi-slice and fast scanning and Fast scanning of the heart P+L:  ch. 6
21 13. nov. Lecture: Diagnosing with PET and PET/CT systems (2 slides per page) P+L: ch. 9 LH

Magnetic resonance (MR)

22 16. nov. Introductory MR physics and techniques. Danish notes on MR can be downloaded here
(English version here).
LGH slides HMHL
23 20. nov. Introductory MR physics and techniques. LGH slides HMHL
24 23. nov. Introductory MR physics and techniques. LGH slides HMHL
25 27. nov. Exercise 7: MR imaging: Acquisition and reconstruction of EPI images.
(how to download the data)
Concluding remarks on the course and exam
(2 slides/page)

26 30. nov. Contrast mechanisms and applications of MRI. LGH slides HMHL
Hand-in of report on reconstruction

TBD XX:00: Room 205/349: Questions and answers session about oral exam


JAJ Professor, Dr. Techn. Jørgen Arendt Jensen, DTU Health Technology, build 349, room 222

E-mail:, Phone: 45 25 39 24
BT Associate professor, PhD Borislav Tomov, DTU Health Technology, build 349, room

HMHL Associate professor, PhD Hans Magnus Henrik Lundell , DTU Health Technology, build 349

IT Post.Doc., PhD, M.Sc. Iman Taghavi, DTU Health Technology, build 349, room 206
LTJ Post.Doc., PhD, M.Sc. Lasse Thurmann Jørgensen, DTU Health Technology, build 349, room 208
LEH PhD student, M.Sc. Lars Emil Haslund, DTU Health Technology, build 349, room 224

NP PhD student, MD Nathalie Panduro
Rigshospitalet, Radiologisk Afdeling
CG Senior Research Officer Carsten Gundlach, Department of Physics
SH Cheffysiker, Cand.scient Søren Holm,
Klinisk fysiologisk og nuklearmedicinsk klinik Rigshospitalet,
LH Overlæge, professor, Liselotte Højgaard,
Klinisk fysiologisk og nuklearmedicinsk klinik Rigshospitalet,
TK PhD, MD Thomas Kristensen
Diagnostisk Center, Radiologisk klinik afsnit 2023, Rigshospitalet
JSJ Senior researcher, PhD Jakob Sauer Jørgensen, DTU Compute, build 303B, room 111

Lecture hours:

Module E2, Monday kl. 13.00 - 14.30 in building 349, room 205 and Thursday kl. 9.00 - 11.00, in building 349, room 205. Exercises: E-data bar, build 341, ground floor, room 015, Monday kl. 15-17.

Information about the course can be found on the web page: which holds this course plan and a number of imaging examples. Data used through the course can also be found here and downloaded from this web site of from CampusNet.


JAJ: Jørgen Arendt Jensen: Estimation of Blood Velocities Using Ultrasound, A Signal Processing Approach, Cambridge University Press, 2013 edition on CampusNet.

The book can be obtained from Jørgen Arendt Jensen or via DTU Learn at the start of the course, if you are properly registered to take the course. For the non-ultrasound part of the course the following book is used:

P+L: J. L. Prince & J. M. Links: Medical imaging signals and systems (second edition), Pearson Prentice Hall Bioengineering, 2015, ISBN: 978-0-13-214518-3. It can be bought from the PF bookstore.

The first edition can also be used: P+L: J. L. Prince & J. M. Links: Medical imaging signals and systems, Pearson Prentice Hall Bioengineering, 2006, ISBN: 0-13-065353-5. The page and chapter numbers might, however, be different.

Last updated: 11:52 on Fri, 18-Aug-2023